First Day of Spring

Liz K.    March 19, 2016

Tomorrow, March 20th, is the first day of spring! Unfortunately it’s still rather gloomy and wintery in our neck of the woods, so why not check out some books with some cheery spring-themed covers?


The Spring of Candy Apples by Debbie Viguié is the fourth book in the Sweet Seasons series. Candace, an employee at The Zone’s Candy Counter, is finishing up her senior year and has to make some serious decisions before graduation. Sometimes life feels as sticky and difficult as making candy apples. But can it be just as sweet? Found in the Vault under TEEN VIGUIE or in the catalog here.


Flowers in the Sky by Lynn Joseph is about Nina Perez’s journey from her beautiful home in the Dominican Republic into the bustling city of New York. She must learn to be strong and find her roots in this new land, just like the orchids she grows on the fire escape. Found in the Vault under TEEN JOSEPH or in the catalog here.


The Secrets of Attraction by Robin Constantine is set in the same world as The Promise of Amazing. Maddie thinks she has her life all figured out. Jesse is trying to pick up the pieces of his. When fate throws them together, maybe they were meant to be more then just friends. Found in the Vault under TEEN CONSTANTINE or in the catalog here.

Do you have any favorite books with spring-themed covers? Let us know!