Blind Date with a Book

Crayola B.    February 3, 2016
blind date with a book 2016

Which date will you take home tonight?

February — a month of romance, thanks to Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a date for V-Day or not, we’ve got plenty to keep you busy for the other 28 days of the month! Give one (or more) of these books a shot at making a connection based only on a few words. Plus, teens in grades 6-12 can fill out a Rate Your Date slip afterwards, reporting if the date was a hit or a flop! Turn it in to The Vault staff and recieve a chocolate heart on the spot. All completed slips will be pooled together for a drawing at the end of the month to win a date night package of a $30 Marcus Cinema gift card and a $20 Bakers Square gift card.

Don’t miss out on your chance for a new love in your life! Blind Date with a Book runs only until the end of February!