Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales

Liz K.    September 14, 2015

23310761Do you want to know one of the really cool things about being a librarian? Sometimes publishers send you big, magical boxes full of books to read before they are released.

I just finished reading Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales, which came from the latest magical box of advanced readers from Baker & Taylor. It is currently scheduled to be released September 15, 2015.

Tonight the Streets Are Ours is about Arden, the most recklessly loyal person you’ve ever met. She is especially recklessly loyal when it comes to her best friend, Lindsey. Arden gave Lindsey her Disneyland vacation when Lindsey’s father was sick and unemployed. Arden took the blame for things Lindsey did to keep Lindsey from losing her chance to go to a good college. Since they were little kids Arden has protected, defended, and covered up for her best friend, no matter the cost. Because that’s what people do when they care about someone. Right?

But when Arden’s mother suddenly runs away to New York City, and her boyfriend ignores her one too many times, and it’s starting to feel like Lindsey doesn’t appreciate all the things Arden’s done for her Arden starts asking herself – why is it that no one loves her as much as she loves them? So she does what anyone would do – take it to the internet.

That fateful search term “why don’t people love me as much as I love them?” brings up the blog “Tonight the Streets Are Ours”. The author, Peter, seems absolutely perfect. He’s sensitive, loyal, and intelligent and after reading a few posts Arden feels like she knows him already. When a (maybe a little bit crazy) opportunity arises, it might be time for Arden to go forth and do something reckless for herself.

Now do you want to know something awesome about being a library user? You can put holds on items before they’re even on the shelves! Interested in reading Tonight the Streets Are Ours as soon as the library gets it? Click here to place your hold! Interested in reading other books by Leila Sales in the meantime? Click here to see what’s in WNPL’s catalog!