I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

jstalker    May 14, 2012

Jasper is living with his crazy grandmother, trying to hang in there for a few more months until he turns 18 and doing everything he can to stay out of the foster care system.  Jasper’s mother disappeared years ago and his father is a serial killer convicted of killing 123 people, 124 if you count his mother  (we’re not sure if she counts or not).  Dear Old Dad has been in jail for 4 years when the bizarre killings start up again in exactly the same pattern as when his father was on the loose.

After the first few bodies turn up it’s clear that these are copycat murders, and Jasper is worried that people will think he’s the one doing the killings.  It is a widely known fact that Jasper’s dad taught him every torturing, killing, dismembering and police-evading trick in the book.  Jasper’s dad believes that killing is a part of him and that Jasper shares the psycho gene.  Now he needs to help solve this freaky crime to prove to everyone else and to himself that he isn’t to blame for all of this happening again.

I Hunt Killers is the first in a new series by Barry Lyga (who also wrote The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl and Boy Toy).  I’m looking forward to the second one.  You should check it out!