Curveball by Jordan Sonnenblick

Joanne T    April 14, 2012

Peter Friedman is a baseball All Star.  As long as he can remember, his life has been about being the best athlete that he can be.  He was the best!!  When an injury the summer before freshman year in high school ends his future in baseball, Peter is lost.  He wonders if he will ever enjoy anything as much as he has loved baseball.  He can’t even tell his best friend and teammate A.J. that he will never play again.

Peter has spent years helping his Grandfather take professional pictures, so when he is forced by his parents to take a photography class, he is awesome at it!  Peter is partnered  with Angelika, the cute girl from class to take many of the yearbook pictures. What is he best at?  The sports pictures!!   Peter becomes famous at school.  Not for being the best athlete, but by taking the best pictures of the best athletes.

During this time, Peter also has to figure out what to do about his Grandfather.    His Grandfather is forgetting more and more things.  Some days he doesn’t even know who Peter is.   He makes Peter promise not to tell anyone.    The pressure grows for Peter to be truthful, but will it be too late?

Following is a link to the author, Jordan Sonnenblick’s website. He has a link  to the first 21 pages of Curveball, so you can give it a try!