Insurgent by Veronica Roth

jstalker    April 12, 2012

Insurgent is the highly anticipated sequel to the dystopian novel Divergent.  The book doesn’t get released until next month but our staff got their hands on a copy and we are excited to tell you all about why you need to get your name on the hold list… like, yesterday. 

The  full title is Insurgent: One Choice Can Destroy You which refers to the conflicts between the different systems.  They are getting quite heated and war between the factions is a very real threat.  Meanwhile Tris is still dealing with the loss of her parents and is having a hard time forgetting and forgiving herself for killing her good friend Will but trying to put all that aside to help prevent a war.  Her (HOT) relationship with Tobias is put to the test when she starts making reckless decisions. 

Tris’ all around awesomeness reigns again in this one.  And now I’m dying for the third!  Rumor has it, the title for #3 is Detergent: One Choice Can Disinfect You.  (Ahahaha — just kidding!)  We actually stole that joke from the author.  And if you’re interested, you can read a short interview with Veronica Roth to learn a bit more about where she got her idea for the series.

Now go and place your hold…stat.