Joanne T    January 28, 2012

Seventeen year old Delaney Maxwell was under the icy waters of Falcon Lake for 11 minutes.   When her best friend Decker Phillips pulls her from the water she is not breathing and her heart has stopped beating.   Six days later she wakes from a coma, seemingly fine.  No damage to brain or body.  A miracle!  But what no x-ray or doctor can see is the terrible ability she now has.  She knows when someone is going to die.  The feeling starts with an itch in the center of her brain, travels down her arms and builds until her hands are shaking.

Since the accident, everyone is treating her like a fragile child. There is no one she can tell about this terrible secret until Troy Varga enters her life.  It seems he too was in a coma and can sense when someone is going to die.  Delaney wants to warn people and prevent their deaths.  Troy wants to speed up the death process to prevent prolonged suffering.

This book has death, romance, and paranormal stuff.  This was a pretty creepy story up until the end.