I love rock n roll!

admin    May 10, 2011

After reading Where She Went, I really, really do.

Where She Went is the sequel to If I Stay.  This time the story is told from Adam’s perspective.  Since Mia’s recovery from the tragic car accident that killed her parents and brother, life has never been the same for them.  Adam is now an international rock star preparing for a world tour.  On his last night in New York he sees Mia for the first time since their abrupt breakup three years ago.  Still broken-hearted, he takes Mia up on her offer to show him her New York as she’s leaving for her own tour as a world-class cellist.  They spend just one night talking and remembering all that has passed between them and where they go from here.

Gayle Forman took a big chance writing a sequel to If I Stay and then an even bigger chance by telling Adam’s side.  Maybe it’s my soft spot for tortured rocker boys but I found Adam’s story haunting and incredibly moving.  I appreciated the story extended after high school to show that life goes on and here’s what it can look like.  Not prefect and probably not what you expected but usually wonderful anyway.

And in case this book leaves you wanting more rock stories here’s a great list of other titles to rock out with.