NPM 2011 – Dizzy In Your Eyes:Poems About Love

Diane B.    April 13, 2011

Dizzy in your eyes: Poems about love by Pat Mora

I love a book with a good cover!�
This is a collection of  poems from 50 teen narrators about love.
The  author writes in many different forms such as Haiku, Couplet, Cinquain and the lesser known Clerihew.�
She includes footnotes so you can try different  poetic forms.
Below is a free verse poem about the obsession of new love.


I start to type an e-mail, but

the letters on the screen don’t match

the letters I type. I try again,

stare at the screen,

feel I’m in some weird movie

and the machine is possessed,

has learned to read

my mind

and enjoys watching my confusion,

knows I can’t tell anyone:

my computer and I

have a secret.

They’ll think I’m crazy.

No matter what I do,

the keys type your name.