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admin    December 1, 2010

Alyssa L. changed things up this month and wrote a review of the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant.  We have a copy of de Maupassant’s short stories in our adult fiction section.  Thanks for your great review and congratulations on winning this month’s “Your Review” Prize Pack!  Take it away Alyssa.

The short story, “The Necklace” is a story that helps us to evaluate who we are. This story is about a young woman named Mathilde Loisel who lives in Paris in the late 1880s. At this time, social classes were important. She was in the middle of the “social ladder” and desperately wanted to be one of the higher classes. She could not afford fancy clothes like the rest or be like others, and she was not born into a higher class so she was constantly upset. She was miserable. This misery was not necessary for she could try to make the best of her situation but instead she only thought about what she did not own. Her husband soon finds a way to give her an invitation to a fancy reception but she is even more depressed by this for she knows she will not look like a wealthy woman at the party. Out of the husband’s savings, the woman buys a modest dress but as she realizes she has no jewels or gems, so she is again upset. Her husband suggests she go to her friend who owns a store of jewelry and borrow a piece of jewelry. She finds a marvelous necklace and at the party, she is admired by all. She dances happily and could never be more joyous but when she returns home she realizes that the borrowed necklace is gone. Her husband and her find a replacement at another jewelry store to return to her friend but they cannot afford it. They manage to buy it but spend ten agonizing years paying it off. This story is great because the ending (which I will not reveal) gives a major twist to the story that shocks all. This story also shows the dangers of focusing only on what we do not have. If we do this, we will never be happy. I give this story five stars.

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  1. Lauren

    This was a great review! I loved it so much I read the short story and I loved it just as much as the review! Thanks Alyssa!

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