Lucky 13?

admin    August 5, 2010

Is being 13th always unlucky?

Francine, Eff, is the 13th child in her family.  Her cousins and even her uncle tease and torment her, warning her father she will turn evil, 13th children always do.  Her twin brother Lan, a seventh son of a seventh son disagrees and uses his magical powers to protect Eff.  When her father gets a new job on the Frontier of New Colombia helping stop magical creatures from crossing The Great Barrier Spell, Eff has a chance to start over.  But nothing comes easy to Eff, certainly not any of the spells she learns in school.  When things around her start coming undone Eff can’t help wonder if she really is unlucky.  But Eff is also a seventh daughter and maybe she can find a power all her own.

Patricia C. Wrede is the author the Dealing with Dragons and Sorcery and Cecelia, two of my favorite fantasy books.  Thirteenth Child is the first book in her new Frontier Magic series.  Wrede’s books are great if you want fantasy with more magic and less action.