NPM 2010 – Song Lyrics

admin    April 10, 2010

For me poetry and song lyrics have always been tied together.  Yes, the music is a critical part to a song, but the words tie everything together.

Natalie Walker is one of my favorite artists and her song “Quicksand” is simply gorgeous.

I must have been so stupid
I must have been so out of touch
He must have been so clever
Convincing me that this was really love

Desperate for words
Lost in a maze
It fell apart
I lost my place
It hurt so bad
I cried for days
Time healed all pain
Now I’m okay

How many times can my heart break
Disillusioned by the thought of flawless love
Will I every get there?
Or am I drowning in quicksand
With no relief to come?

I’ll rise from all my sorrow
Let the sun shine on my face
All alone in comfort
Its my solitude I will embrace

I will rise from my sorrow…