Let’s Watch Anime Together (or at least legally)

Crayola B.    October 16, 2016

Our next Anime & Manga Club meeting is rapidly approaching! Join us this Wednesday, October 19 at 4pm in Meeting Room B to watch anime with other teen otaku, eat delicious snacks, and win some giveaway prizes! Even if you can’t make it on Wednesday, you probably already know that there are lots of sources online for watching anime. But… Read more »

#BiWeek and #BannedBooksWeek

Crayola B.    September 25, 2016

#BiWeek celebrates bisexual people and bisexuality from September 19-26, 2016. #BannedBooksWeek celebrates your freedom to read any book you like — no matter who thinks you shouldn’t be reading it at all — from September 25-October 1, 2016. And given that the teen book review magazine VOYA came under fire this past week for recommending that a particular book be restricted to… Read more »

Ultimate Cupcake Challenge

Crayola B.    July 14, 2016

Pull out your favorite recipe and enter our tasty challenge for Best Tasting, Best Decorated, or Best Olympic Decorated cupcakes! You can enter one entry per contest, for a maximum of three entries per person. Please bring a minimum of six standard-sized cupcakes for each contest you enter. Only bakers entering grades 6-12 are eligible to enter. You must register online… Read more »