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2015 Reading Challenge

Crayola B.    January 1, 2015

POPSUGAR has issued a reading challenge for 2015, and The Vault staff have taken it up. We’re committing to reading books from all 50 of these categories before 2015 is over. Yes, that means we’ll read not only funny books and trilogies, but books with bad reviews, books our moms love, books we were supposed to read in school (but didn’t), and books… Read more »

Crayola’s Reading Challenge: Book Reviews

Crayola B.    March 24, 2015

Two more reviews for your delight and delectation! A book you can finish in a day: In Real Life by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang In Real Life is a graphic novel that features both the real-world and game-world lives of two players: one American girl who plays for fun, one Chinese boy who plays for a living. The expressive… Read more »

Crayola’s Reading Challenge Reviews

Crayola B.    March 5, 2015

A book you started but never finished: The Clockwork Scarab by Colleen Gleason Meh. A good concept with poor delivery. Too many things going on, not enough character development, mixed messages. Why is the time travel subplot in there anyways? What does it add apart from some hokey “different time periods are different” misunderstandings? Oh, right, a convenient (yet wholly unconvincing) romantic… Read more »

Reading Challenge: A Book with Antonyms in the Title

Crayola B.    January 27, 2015

The 2015 Reading Challenge has been on for almost a month now, and some of the easiest categories are already checked off on many a reader’s list! One-word titles, female authors, easy peasy, especially if you’re sticking to YA books. But what about some of those tricky ones? Have you asked your mom (or motherly support figure) what books she… Read more »

Crayola’s Reading Challenge Reviews

Crayola B.    January 20, 2015

I’ve finished 3 more books already for the 2015 Reading Challenge! All three of these books have female authors and are set in countries other than the US, but since I’m playing Hard Mode, I can only count one category per book. (You can count books for as many categories as you want–I think three is a good limit to… Read more »

Crayola’s Reading Challenge: Graphic Novel

Crayola B.    January 6, 2015

I finished my first reading challenge book last week! Okay, okay, it’s a graphic novel, but hey. I still finished it and now I can check that off my list. To be entirely accurate, I’ve read probably about 25 graphic novels between January 1 and now, but Otomen was my favorite. After finishing this first volume, I quickly went and… Read more »