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Crayola’s Reading Challenge: Graphic Novel

Crayola B.    January 6, 2015

I finished my first reading challenge book last week! Okay, okay, it’s a graphic novel, but hey. I still finished it and now I can check that off my list. To be entirely accurate, I’ve read probably about 25 graphic novels between January 1 and now, but Otomen was my favorite. After finishing this first volume, I quickly went and… Read more »

2015 Reading Challenge

Crayola B.    January 1, 2015

POPSUGAR has issued a reading challenge for 2015, and The Vault staff have taken it up. We’re committing to reading books from all 50 of these categories before 2015 is over. Yes, that means we’ll read not only funny books and trilogies, but books with bad reviews, books our moms love, books we were supposed to read in school (but didn’t), and books… Read more »