2015 Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

Crayola B.    January 7, 2016

How did you do on the 2015 reading challenge? Personally, despite my best efforts, I wasn’t able to make it! I read about 35 books on the list, but didn’t manage the others. (Some of the ones I missed were a play, a Pulitzer-prize winner, and a book your mom loves.) However, I read lots and lots of other books that didn’t quite fit into the given categories, so I don’t feel too bad. It’s fun to read books regardless of whether they fit your checklist or not!

The 2015 Reading Challenge section has been removed from our site menu, but if you need to check it out, you can still get to it here.

PopSugar has another reading challenge for 2016 — check it out here. We are only one week into 2016, so you have 51 more to work on it. We won’t have printed copies of the 2016 challenge available in The Vault unless you ask for them, though! If you’re interested, make sure to talk to the librarian at the desk in The Vault.

I hope everyone who participated had plenty of fun doing it! What was your favorite book that you discovered during the 2015 Reading Challenge?