2015 Reading Challenge

Crayola B.    January 1, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge List PreviewPOPSUGAR has issued a reading challenge for 2015, and The Vault staff have taken it up. We’re committing to reading books from all 50 of these categories before 2015 is over.

Yes, that means we’ll read not only funny books and trilogies, but books with bad reviews, books our moms love, books we were supposed to read in school (but didn’t), and books we started but never finished. If you don’t want to be outdone by a bunch of fusty librarians, you’ll have to keep up by reading your own selections!

I’m in. How do I get started?

Get a list to keep track of your progress. Pick up a hard copy in The Vault, print your own from a PDF, or save one of our digital versions to import into your favorite digital to-do list app, like Google Tasks and iCalendar.

.iCal file for iCalendar
(and other programs!)
for misc. programs
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Got my list. What’s next?

Is it 2015 yet? Yes? Then pick a book that fits one (or more) of these categories and start reading it. When you’re finished, check off the category (or categories) that it fits, and move on to the next! Keep track of titles if you want.

Hard Mode: Count each book for one category only. No double-dipping means you’ll have to read a total of 52 books, or one a week.

But what do I read?

Anything that fits the list. Seriously, we won’t judge you if you only read picture books! (but you might have a hard time finding a trilogy, or one over 500 pages…) If you need help finding things like books published in your birth year or authors with the same initials, stop by the Vault to ask a librarian. If you just want random ideas, the staff are blogging about our own challenge picks

Do I get something from The Vault if I finish it?

We’re not saying there will be fabulous prizes…but there will probably be fabulous prizes. (Especially if you finish up during the Summer Reading Program, so plan accordingly.) You’ll also get your name or pseudonym of choice posted on our website for all to see.

Victorious in the Vault

The Hall of Fame will go here, when we have one.

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