Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

jstalker    July 23, 2013

In June of 2012, author Robin LaFevers joined us in The Vault for a fun Skype visit to discuss her new book Grave Mercy.  Now, a year later, the anxiously awaited sequel Dark Triumph has been released and…. It. is. amazing!

This time we follow Sybella, a trained assassin with a dark past.  She is sent on a mission to the very home where she was raised and where her memories still haunt her.  Her mission is to kill her father and yet she isn’t able to.  Not because she doesn’t have the strength (she would have killed him years ago) but because St. Mortain has not yet marked him for death.  She waits patiently yet miserably, barely surviving the tortuous environment and trying to stay under the radar in case her father decides to release his fury in her direction.  Until one day she receives word from her Reverend Mother that another mission is calling her away.  Sybella embarks on a journey that takes her away from her terrible father but much closer to feeling his wrath.  Check it out!  You’ll be glad you did.