After The Hunger Games

admin    September 22, 2012

You loved the Hunger Games and want to know what to read next?  Fear not, here are some other books you will love!

Divergent,” by Veronica Roth

Roth’s debut novel, “Divergent,” features a strong female protagonist living in a dystopian society who chooses to rebel against the “norm.” In this society, when teens reach the age of 16, they are forced to choose between five different groups each with its own virtue (Amity, Dauntless, Candor, Erudite, or Abnegation) in which they will live for the rest of their lives. But Beatrice Prior is not willing to make this decision and, instead, makes a choice that upsets everything her world has been built on. While her society maintains that an individual can have only one of these five characteristics, and must live in accordance with it, Beatrice wants more. Beatrice also holds a secret that she has been warned could mean her death if revealed, but which might save the people she loves. This is an action-packed novel that you won’t want to put down, and the good news is that once you are done, you will have two more novels in the trilogy to look forward to.

Matched,” by Ally Condie

Take the “Hunger Games” love triangle and place it against the dystopian society of Huxley’s “Brave New World” and you get “Matched.” All her life Cassia has naively accepted her seemingly perfect society. Every aspect of her life is decided for her, what to read and to think, right down to her partner. When she is matched with her closest friend, Xander, she can’t stop thinking about the mysterious Ky Markham, whose face appeared on the match screen for a split second before being replaced with Xander’s face. Although she is told that his appearance on the screen was a mistake, she is falling in love with him anyway. Cassia begins to question the Society for the first time in her life. Now she must make the hardest choice she has ever had to make: Will she choose Xander or Ky? And will she accept the life Society has given her – or choose a different path that may shatter everything she has?

Delirium,” by Lauren Oliver

A similar novel to “Matched,” “Delirium” follows a heroine who is paired with her future partner, only to fall in love with someone else. But the stakes are raised in this dystopian society. The government runs an operation that surgically removes the section of the brain responsible for falling in love, and requires that all its citizens have this operation when they turn 18, thus turning everyone into perfect citizens who willingly accept the laws that they are told are for their own benefit. Ninety-five days before her scheduled operation, Lena Holoway, who had eagerly anticipated the day when she would no longer suffer the pain of love, falls in love and suddenly she is not so sure she wants to give it up. She and her new love, Alex, decide to escape their society and make out for the “Wilds.” But as we all know, dystopian societies do not take free thinkers lightly.

The Maze Runner,” by James Dashner

Sixteen-year-old Thomas wakes up to find himself in a world he does not remember. In fact, he only remembers his name. Everything else is blank. But he is not alone. There are hundreds of other boys there who welcome him to the Glade – which he discovers is an open space enclosed by high stone walls. Like him, the other boys remember nothing before they woke up in the Glade, and no one can tell him why or how they arrived there. All they know is that every 30 days a new boy appears. In the absence of adult society, these boys have created a society for themselves, including hunting, farming, etc. But, when Teresa, the first girl, appears, she has a message for them that will change everything. She warns them that the world outside is facing disaster and they have been placed here as part of a strange experiment. Thomas just might be the leader they need to get out of this horrible place.

Legend,” by Marie Lu

Once part of the western United States, the Republic – a country that is ever waring with its neighbors – has taken control. Fifteen-year-old June comes from one of the wealthiest districts of the Republic and is being trained for a leadership position for the ruling party. The Republic’s notorious outlaw, Day, was born in the slums, but all he wants is to better the lives of his family members. June and Day might never have come into contact if it were not for the murder of June’s brother, for which Day is blamed. Day is now caught in a fight for his family’s survival, and June wants nothing more than to avenge her brother. But neither one anticipates the hidden truths that they will discover when they finally meet, and the dangerous secrets the Republic has worked so hard to suppress.

Enclave,” by Ann Aguirre

In the world of “Enclave,” New York City has been destroyed by war and disease. Most of society now dwells in underground enclaves where individuals are not expected to live past their early 20s. No one is even named until they turn 15, at which point they have the choice of becoming a Builder, a Breeder, or a Hunter. When Deuce turns 15, she chooses to become a Huntress and is matched with Fade, another teenage hunter. While out hunting, they are alarmed to discover that a neighboring enclave has recently been destroyed by Freaks (dangerous non-humans) and are sure that it points toward their increasing power. However, no one takes heed of their messages, and they are banished. The two must fight to survive in an inhospitable and violent world amidst the ruined upper city.

Graceling,” by Kristin Cashore

Katsa is a Graceling, one of a small number of individuals born with a special talent; for Katsa it is survival, and it manifests itself as an ability to fight and kill. As a member of the royal family, she should be living a life of luxury; instead, she is required to employ her talent for the king, her uncle. When Katsa meets Prince Po, also Graced with fighting skills, she begins to uncover a secret about her Grace that has been kept hidden. What she discovers threatens to destroy all that she has known and now Katsa and Po must fight the evil powers that have kept this secret for so long. Cashore creates an evocative and unforgettable world in this story packed with intrigue, adventure, and romance.