When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle

jstalker    August 14, 2012

I laughed and I cried….no really, I did!  This book is like a fun, real life spin on Romeo and Juliet.  Its cute, its funny and its really romantic. 

Rosaline Caplet’s BFF is her neighbor Rob Monteg who is cool and fun (and like totally popular).  When they start to develop some feelings for each other, Rose is freaked out but really excited. 

Enter Rosaline’s cousin Juliet.  They used to be really close but now Juliet hates her guts even though Rosaline has no idea why.  Then Juliet asks Rob to the dance despite the fact that Rosaline is (kind of, sort of) seeing him.   

Ah romance, how I’ve missed you!  Who doesn’t <3 a love triangle? 

This title is brand spankin’ new.  Go here to put it on hold.