The Cupcake Queen

Joanne T    June 11, 2012

The Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler was delicious!  Fourteen year old Penny Lane moves from Manhattan to Hogs Hollow with her Mom, when her parents separate and her Mom decides  to open a cupcake bakery called “The Cupcake Queen.”    Things start off very badly for Penny.  On her first day in Hogs Hollow, she dumps a tray of cupcakes on Charity, the most popular girl in school.  From this day on, Charity and her friends decide that making Penny miserable, is their new favorite hobby.

Penny misses her dad, her friends and her former life.  Mom is acting strange and Penny does not know how to talk to her about what is going on.  Soon Penny meets funny Tally and cute and quiet Marcus.  They help to make Hogs Hollow feel like it could be home.   This book has just the right mix of funny and sad.   I wish we had a bakery around here with all of the awesome cupcakes described in The Cupcake Queen!