Love Hurts

admin    February 11, 2012

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a romantic time to spend with the one you love. Of course celebrating this special day should be magical and wonderful.

But let’s get real, sometimes love stinks. Broken hearts, broken promises and messy breakups are sometimes the price to pay. Here at the Vault we want to celebrate both sides, Team Love and Team Anti-Valentines Day.

Check out our When Love Hurts booklist filled with titles of love lost and heartbreak.  Or maybe our Bad Romance booklist with edgy teen romance titles is more your style.

Enter the Things We Love contest for your chance to win a fabulous prize by sharing the things you love.

Come to our Anti-Valentine’s Day party on Tuesday, February 14th at 3:30pm for sweet chocolate treats and tasty sour ones. We’ll also be making black duct tape roses (to give to your Anti-Valentine) and love stinks buttons.