Pink by Lili Wilkinson

jstalker    January 12, 2012

Ava has convinced her uber-liberal parents to send her to a private school in the hopes of reinventing herself.  Her current goth identity is getting old and her girlfriend Chloe is very magnetic but also really overbearing.  Perhaps at a new school she will finally be able to fit in. 

Away from her girlfriend and her old school, Ava begins wearing pink (its such a pretty color even though Chloe hates it) and kisses a boy to try to prove to herself whether she is or is not a lesbian. 

She is both confused about her sexuality and struggling to adjust to new friends and a new school when she realizes that fitting in doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal.  Ava finds that her sexuality isn’t black or white/straight or gay.  And through some bumps in the road, she finds out not only who her true friends are, but a lot about her own self.