Getting Graphic – My Boyfriend is a Monster!

admin    August 9, 2011

I love this new graphic novel series. Seriously love them. Fun and short, each title involves a girl finding out about her new boyfriend’s supernatural background that’s a little spooky and completely awesome.

The series starts off with #1 I Love Him to Pieces. Dicey falls for her nerdy science partner Jack but love gets interrupted during a zombie virus outbreak.

In #2 Made for Each Other, just as Maria and Tom start to get close, Tom’s family gets in the way, his family of Frankensteins!

#3 My Boyfriend Bites might be my favorite. High school senior Vanessa’s not sure what she wants to do with her life. Then she meets mysterious Jean-Paul who knows her destiny is to become a demon-hunter and a darn good one too!

In #4 Under His Spell, Bethany is too busy for boys between soccer and studying hard. Then transfer student Allein takes her out and opens her eyes to a whole new world, the Fae.

A little action, some drama and a lot of romance and just a dash of horror make these the perfect almost end of summer reads.