New Non-Fiction Titles for Teens

admin    January 19, 2011

There are so many great young adult fiction titles and you can find lists of them on our blog and on the web. We also get some non-fiction books that you would enjoy. One recent addition to our collection is The Inheritance Almanac which describes the people, places, and things in Christopher Paolini’s books, Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr.  Are you close to getting your driver’s license? Then check out First Car Smarts by Daniel Harmon. This book gives advice on finding the best car for your needs and how much it will actually cost you. Like to draw? Manga Mania Romance: Drawing Shojo Girls and Bishie Boys and Shojo Fashion Manga Art School: How to Draw Cool Looks and Characters contain tips and techniques for this kind of artwork. For some fun craft projects we have Zombie Felties which includes patterns for 16 soft zombie toy creatures.

For tips on fashion and improving your life, check out: Lauren Conrad Style, The Teen’s Guide to World Domination and My Self.