Steampunking – Leviathan & Behemoth Review

admin    November 10, 2010

After his aristocrat parents are assassinated and Europe ignites into war, Alek is on the run with a machine walker with a small crew of trusted guards and mentors.  He carries a secret with him that could change the outcome of World War I.  His own allies want to silence the Austro-Hungarian prince.

Deryn is hiding a secret too, Dylan.   Dylan is the boy she pretends to be so she can serve on the Leviathan.  The Leviathan is the British Darwinst prized fabricated animal warship.  Deryn was born to serve as a midshipman and will do anything to protect her secret.

Leviathan is the first in Scott Westefeld’s steampunk trilogy based on an alternate history of WW I.  What makes Leviathan and the recently released sequel Behemoth steampunk?  Westerfeld’s fantasy world mixes a unique historical time period with advanced technology and lots of adventure.  The illustrations in both books by Keith Thompson are a study in steampunk art and design.  Although Alan Cumming’s reading of Behemoth was just named one of Amazon’s Top Ten Audiobooks of the year.

Goliath, the last book in the series comes out October 2011.  I almost wish I didn’t know how long I have to wait.  Here’s the Leviathan book trailer to ease the pain.