Getting Graphic – Robert Kirkman

admin    October 13, 2010

Good news for comic lovers!  Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is now a TV show premiering on October 31st.  Kinda appropriate since The Walking Dead is one of the best books, comic or otherwise, on zombies.  But The Walking Dead isn’t the only reason I’m madly obsessed with Kirkman.  His other major titles for Image, Invincible and The Astounding Wolf-Man are also amazing. 

Invincible starts with Mark Grayson starting his superhero training with his dad.  While he loves his training, his after school job at the local burger joint, not so much.  But when Mark finds out a devastating secret his entire world collapses and being a superhero becomes more than an after-school hobby.

As with The Walking Dead, Kirkman goes there.  His stories are never dull and always full of action, twists and the most messed up characters you’ll ever read.