Getting Graphic – I Kill Giants

admin    September 15, 2010

Barbara is too busy for school, too busy for friends and doesn’t need them anyway.  Because Barbara is training to be a giant killer.  Only she possess the secret weapon that can defeat them.  And she is the only one who knows the giants are coming.

So what all her classmates make fun of her and beat her up.  So what she gets pulled out of class for stupid therapy sessions.  So what Barbara’s sister works hard to take care of the family.  So what Barbara is too scared to enter the door at the top of stairs and confront the monster that lives inside.  So what the new girl tries to befriend Barbara.  Barbara doesn’t need anyone anyway.

Written by Joe Kelly and art by JM Ken Niimura, I Kill Giants is from Image, one of my favorite comic houses.  The story is odd and jumbled while the art is edgy and dark.  This is a unique graphic novel that I was incredibly moved by.