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admin    September 6, 2010

Here are the first of our Teen Reviews.  Keep reading, watching, listening and submitting Your Reviews here.  Each month we’ll randomly select one reviewer to win a fabulous prize pack.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher 

This book really made me think more about my actions towards others.  The main character Hannah committed suicide and left behind cassette tapes to explain to why she killed herself.  Each reason is about one person and how they all came together and led to her death. I liked Hannah because she had a sense of humor and a way with words. Jay Asher couldn’t have made her any better. The boy that she left the cassette tapes with kept repeating his thoughts and just worded them differently, but I understand why he was so worried about things.  I would definitely recommend this book to others.

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson

This was a very well written book.  The characters felt a bit sterotypical and predictable though.  The girls were too clingy at some points, but I suppose that happens sometimes when you’re complete infatuated with another person.  I really liked how she handled the parts where Avery and Mel discovered that they liked each other.  I like how Johnson wrote the couple-ness between the two of them.  It was really cute.  I didn’t really like the end. It was still a happy ending, but I wish it turned out differently.

Under the Iron Sea by Keane

This is a wonderful CD. I liked most of the songs on it.  Usually I only like about half or so of the songs on the average CD, but this was fantastic.  The lead singer Tom Chaplin didn’t really show his vocal range too much, but it was great.  The songwriter was not like other songwriters. His lyrics were pretty straightforward, not very poetic.  But that was okay.  They only used the regular drums, bass, electric guitar, and piano.  No synthesizers or different instruments.

The Mummy staring Brenden Fraser

The Mummy was spectacular. This movie came out in 1999, yet I was still impressed with the effects.  The plot was fairly good.  My focus didn’t wander and was entirely on the film.  I wish the writers made you a bit more attached to the characters with personal traits. The history was fascinating, and the cast was well-chosen.

The Others  staring Nicole Kidman

The movie was a good movie. It made you hold your breath and made you wondering what the ending was going to turn out to be even in the last minutes. Nicole Kidman was perfect for the role and the children were really cute. The spookiness kept me glued to the screen. I would definitely recommend it to others.

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