Why I Let My Hair Grow Out

admin    August 9, 2010

“From October to June, Raphael had been drawing a map of me, but everything was in the wrong place.  That’s how it felt… and then he broke up with me, and I didn’t have a map left at all.”

Raphael is Morgan’s boyfriend and as you can see from the opening of Why I Let My Hair Grow Out, he’s just broken up with her.  Mistakenly trying to cheer her up or just get her out of their hair, Morgan’s parents send her to Ireland on a week-long bike tour.  Between missing and hating Raphael, trying to rebound flirt with hunky tour guide Colin, and avoiding a sore butt, Morgan has her hands full.  When she knocks herself out falling off her bike and wakes up in ancient Ireland, the real craziness begins.

Morgan ends up on a journey she didn’t expect and has no idea how to get back home or if she even wants to.

Why I Let My Hair Grow Out is the first of three books by Maryrose Wood.  I picked it up because I love the cover and was not disappointed.  Fun, funny, a little sexy and all about Ireland.  It’s like if a Meg Cabot Book and Harry Potter met in Ireland and combined forces.  Makes me want to hop a plane and look for my own rainbow and pot of gold.

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  1. momerabilia

    Okay, I realize that I’m totally dating myself here…but that cover looks like Boy George to me. 🙂

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