Getting Graphic – Zeus, King of the Gods

admin    June 8, 2010


Had to get that out of the way.  But seriously, wow says a lot about the first book in George O’Connor’s new Olympian graphic novel series, Zeus: King of the Gods.  The story is of Zeus’ birth and his rise to power.  Fans of The Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson will recognize the names and faces but this gives you the whole story.  O’Connor has experience with historical retellings in graphic form, Journey into Mohawk County and with picture book illustrations.  But with Zeus, seriously, wow.  Let’s count the ways.

Wow #1 – The Story

How many times can you read Greek creation myths?  As many times as you have, it doesn’t come close to this.  The story is sparse, yet powerful with layers of fun and humor along with the action and terror of the battle between Zeus and his child-eating father Kronos. Yes, he did.  This book goes there.

Wow #2 – The Art

A-maz-ing.  The panels flow effortlessly, the action conveyed in them is well-paced, the colors are rich and bright.  The Titans are terrifying.  The art shows how big and vast this creation story is.  Certain panels give you an feeling of immense space and time and you almost feel like a god yourself.

Wow #3 – The Best Part

There are more books to come. 

O’Connor has a blog at if you need more information about him and his work.  If you need more information about the Olympians series, like when the next one will be out go to