Prom Drama = Prama

admin    May 13, 2010

The date, the dress, the hair…are you ready? Prom is this weekend, and – hopefully – it will go off without a hitch. But, whatever happens, remember that you aren’t alone in stressing the details. Check out what happens as these teens get ready for their big night in Prama by Jamie Ponti.

Molly (prom committee chair) is positive that something will ruin her night…and she has no idea how right she is.

Ben (last-minute date) tells himself he’s just along for the ride…but he’s got something very real at stake.

Allison (loyal best friend) plans to make a move on her crush…who’s there with his girlfriend.

Victoria (alpha girl) thought she had a lock on the prom queen crown…until gorgeous exchange student Karolina came on the scene.

Matt (star athlete) comes to claim his rightful place at the top of the social chain…but ends up surprising everyone, including himself.

Rachel (girl with no clique) is there to shake things up…but there’s more to her than meets the eye.