The Bride’s Farewell

admin    May 11, 2010

On her wedding day Pell Ridley woke up, kissed her sisters goodbye and left her whole life behind.  On her favorite horse Jack and with her stowaway brother Bean, she makes her way to the market to find work as a horse trainer and a new life.  What she finds instead are wandering gypsies, dishonest men and an enigmatic poacher know only as Dogman.  Tragedy is also waiting for Pell and now she is on a different path that takes her far from home but is it ever far enough?

Meg Rosoff is more than a favorite author of mine, she’s actually me in the future, living and writing in London.  Her work is subtly beautiful and best of all economical.  She doesn’t waste time with extra flowy language or long meaningless words.  And for such a quick read (only 214 pages) it carries a weighty punch.  I fell in love with How I Live Now and had my heart broken by The Bride’s Farewell.  Simply gorgeous.  

Check out this video of Meg talking about The Bride’s Farwell and be sure to visit her blog.  She updates often and is hilarious.  Her new book Vamoose! is about a teen mom giving birth to a baby moose.  I know!