TTW – Favorite Tech

admin    March 9, 2010

News came last week from Apple HQ that the iPad will go on sale April 3rd with pre-orders starting, gasp, this Friday! 

Talk is still flying about how the iPad may change publishing and reading as we know it.


I remember buying my first iPod as a graduation gift to myself.  It was new and shiny and did everything I wanted it to and even things I didn’t know I wanted it to.  I once told my friends that I loved them, but I might love iPod almost as much. 

As much as I loved my iPod and still do, my absolute favorite and essential technology that I love is Google.  I use it to email (gmail), to chat with friends far away (gchat), to work (Google Docs), to read and organize my blogs (Google Reader).  It helps me in all areas of my life and yes, I might love it more than my iPod.

What technology do you love and can’t imagine living without?  Websites? Facebook? Gadgets like iPods or computers?  Inventions?  Leave a comment here or post on our Facebook Wall and let us know what technology is important to you.