The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

admin    January 24, 2010

Vampire love stories are all the rage now. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova  is partially a vampire story, partly the love story of three different couples, partly a historical novel and chock full of excitement and intrigue. Kostova uses one of my favorite literary devices, having three different narrators tell their tales of getting sucked into the mystery of whether Vlad Dracul, the cruel 15th-century prince of Wallachia was really a vampire, whether he’s still alive and keeping the vampire race going. The book alternates between the three narrators, moves from the United States to England to Europe and into the remote country sides of Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. You’ll learn a lot about the history of Eastern Europe  including the time periods of the Ottoman Turks and life there under communist rule. Some of the intrigue takes place in libraries and archives. If you like vampire stories and/or novels like Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, you’ll be sure to enjoy The Historian.

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