New Rock & Roll Books

admin    January 11, 2010

In The Band Name Book by Noel Hudson, you’ll find out how, where, when, and why the best-named bands got their names; with notes on band name origins, genres, the best album titles, and names-still-available. The author obviously did a lot of research to find out all of these details. To give you an idea, there are 20 bands with pig, pigs, or hog in their name. Some just have a short sentence of information such as The Groove Hogs from Branch, Wisconsin which is a ten-piece blues band with horns which plays the song: Ingrown tonation. Others have a long entry with the history of the band, their hits, TV shows that played their songs, etc. There is an alphabetical index if you’re looking for a specific band. The book is arranged by categories which relate to the name of the band. For example there is a section on animals, further divided by house pets, farm animals, birds, etc. Some of the more interesting group names fall under the section called Shock Your Mama.

Another new title is Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp For Girls. You can learn how to start a band, write songs, record an album, and publicize an event from this book. This book is based on a real camp in Portland Oregon that girls can attend during the summer to learn about rock and roll. If you are wondering why the book and camp are specifically for girls it’s because the authors feel that men have had no trouble getting into rock and roll in the past and they want girls to have the same opportunity.

The Girls Guide to Rocking by Jessica Hopper tells you everything you need to know about starting a band from picking an instrument to taking voice lessons to cutting a record. Hopper explains about producers and how to decide if you need one.  She helps you decide if your friends are good choices for band mates or if you should go solo.