The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie

admin    September 29, 2009

Junior, or Arnold as he is known in the white world is a part-time Indian because he has chosen to leave the reservation during school hours to attend a better high school in a neighboring town. Junior has always been ostracized  by the other kids on the res because of his differences due to a birth defect. But, when he is recognized by his teacher as a good student and advised to attend a better school, the other Indians feel that he has turned his back on them and his best friend stops speaking to him. He experiences real pain as one after another of his relatives and family friends suffers the misfortunes which befall Indians living with poverty and alcoholism. At his new school he begins to make new friends, play basketball, do well in school and learns that by working hard he can make a better life for himself.indian This is a great story that will make you laugh and cry.